The 16/17 HP Festivals have the 2001/2000 born players first reporting early evening on Saturday to play one game.
On Sunday the players will play one game in the morning and after a break play a early afternoon game and the event ends.
Group first report times for the early evening game on Saturday will be be posted on WAHA on Tuesday April 25th.
The 14/15 HP Festivals have the 2003/2002 born players first reporting late morning early afternoon on Saturday to play two games, finishing Saturday evening. On Sunday players will play one game Sunday morning and travel home.
Group first report times for the first game late morning early afternoon Saturday will be posted Tuesday April 25th.

Note: The 15 HP Festival has the 2002 born players first reporting late morning early afternoon at the Depere Ice & Event Center
HP 14,16,17 Festivals will have players reporting to the Cornerstone Community Center in the Green bay area.
Congratulations to the Black Cats who finished as runner ups in the Tier II Girls U14 National tournament

Congratulations to the Boys Team Wisconsin 18U who finished runner ups losing in overtime 4-3 in the championship game at the Tier I National Tournament.
Please be aware some deceptive e-mails are being generated and sent to local associations, clubs, and affiliates using the e-mail addresses listed on your websites. They are asking for payments, account balances, and money transfers. Most have fake e-mail addresses but look authentic. A few Treasurer's have also received faxes looking for the same information. Please make sure your association's Treasurers are on alert and double-checking to be sure they are not responding to these deceptive practices.
For a parent of a new hockey player, entry into the sport can be an intimidating experience. And that feeling can start long before the first goal or even first skate blade hits the ice, because outfitting your child for hockey requires some specialized equipment.

USA Hockey's Club Excellence
Club Excellence is a new online portal system designed to give USA Hockey associations a unique home to drive organizational success. The portal walks youth hockey leadership through the day-to-day needs of running a successful youth hockey association.

To access, the local association President or Vice President would need to submit through the link below. Once confirmed, they can invite the rest of the board to join them in the portal. Each leader has a job description, monthly tasks and a resource center with quick reference templates / best practice guides that relates to their association role.

If you have any questions about Club Excellence, please contact Brittany Bobak at (719) 538-1102 or

Quick Change Goalie Equipment

Click HERE to see video.

The QuickChange goalie equipment system is a must-own for all youth hockey organizations with 6U and 8U programs. This equipment is specifically designed to make it easy for a coach or parent to convert a skater into a goalie. Within one minute, you can have your skater ready to play between the pipes. The set features a Youth L/XL goalie-padded jersey, 24-inch goalie leg pads and an equipment bag.

Will playing four years of cross-ice hockey hold my child back? Click HERE.

Invitational Tournament Sanctioning
Please send your association's completed Invitational Tournament Sanction Forms and checks to your REGIONAL REGISTRAR for approval. Do NOT send them to the WAHA Secretary or Treasurer. Mailing addresses are listed on the Regional Registrars page.
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