Dual Rostering of Girl Players
Who: Girls

Goal: Increase the number of girls participating in hockey.

Proposal: Two year pilot program at the 10U, 12U and 14U girl’s level. Girls will be able to dual roster on a youth and a girls’ team at the same age level.

When: 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 hockey seasons

Why: Girls are the biggest untapped pool of available hockey players. As with any sport there is a competitive aspect and a social aspect to the game. In general the social aspect is seen as important in getting girls to participate. A segment of the girls population is ok with participating with boys but there is a segment that wants to play girls only hockey.

The ability to create girls only teams especially in smaller associations runs into a numbers problem. In order to have the numbers for a youth team, associations are not able to offer a girls’ team as that will reduce their numbers.  Allowing a girl to play for both will continue to allow the youth team to exist but may foster the creation of a girls’ team at the same time.

How: Proposal will apply to girls participating in Tier II associations only at the 10U, 12U and 14U age levels. Girls on a Tier I Before & After team who have returned to their home association for the regular season may participate. Girls on a Tier I full season team are exempt from participating.

A girl will be allowed to be on a maximum of 2 teams. Options are:
  • 2 youth teams – example 10U Squirts and 12U Peewees
  • 1 Youth and 1 Girls team – example 12U Peewees and 12U Girls
  • 2 Girls teams – example 12U Girls & 14U Girls
A girl on two teams at the same age level must designate a primary team no later than December 31 of the playing year. The designation must be communicated to their association and to the WAHA Girls/Women Section Director. In the event of a scheduling conflict she will participate with her primary team unless the coaches of both teams come to an agreement. This will be the team she will participate with for state play downs and state tournament. In the event her primary team does not qualify for state she may play with the secondary team if they qualify. She may participate in play downs for both teams if they do not conflict.

In the event an association does not offer a girls team at her age level, a girl may play for the nearest association that does offer a team. She may play for the girl’s team at the association that offers one and also play for a youth team at her home association.

Associations may “co-op” together to form a girls only team.  One possible scenario would be the creation of a “weekend” team to play some all-girls games or a tournament.  Local association registrars would need to generate a roster for this team to be sent on for approval. This roster would not be valid for state tournament play.

Each association can decide if they will allow dual rostering. If an association decides not to use dual rostering and does not have a girls’ team, a girl may play for the nearest association that does offer a girls team at her age level. She can also continue to play for the youth team at her age level at her home association.

  1. Number of girls registered for hockey in Wisconsin
  2. Associations registering girls teams
  3. Number of girls teams registered in Wisconsin
  4. Number of girls teams registered for state tournament play in Wisconsin